37 things you can do with Mass Media Finishing (Centrifugal Barrel or Vibratory Finishing) Equipment

The applications list shown below was compiled by a major OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of finishing equipment. As you can see by examining some of the commercial applications listed, a lot more goes on here than just simple deburring. These applications say as much about the ingenuity of the people who developed them as it […]

CHANGE OF SURFACE STRESS (tensile vs. compressive)

Excerpted from SME Technical Paper MR79-569 by J. Bernard Hignett [ed. note: Harperizer and Harperized are trade names that refer to a specific OEM's brand of centrifugal barrel finishing equipment] Metal fatigue is the most common cause of fracture in metal components. It is usually caused by numerous repeated applications of low stress—stress much lower […]


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    Metal Finishing,
    Metal Finishing Guidebook and  Directory 
    Products Finishing,
    Final Finishing Technology
    Finisher’s Management
    Plastics Engineering
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Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Senior Member, [Burr, Edge and Surface Technology Division], Dearborn, MI. 1983-1993

Society of Manufacturing Engineers
, CHAIR: Deburring, Edge-Finish, Surface Conditioning Tech Group- 2005
2007 Chair:  Spokane WA Chapter 248;
2010 C0-Chair  Machining/Metal Removal Technical Community

Mass Finishing Job Shops Association
, Kalamazoo, MI., Vice Chairman; 1990, Chairman  1991, Executive Director  1993-1995;

Deburring and Surface Conditioning
, SME biannual conference and exhibits, Technical paper author and presenter, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1999, 2004

Technical Papers; White papers by:
  Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  Society of Plastics Engineers
  Association of Electro-platers and Surface Finishers
   Manufacturing Jewelers and Silversmiths Association
   Association for Finishing Processes
   Consortium on Deburring and Edge Finishing


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