For additional information or sample processing information contact:
by Dave Davidson – Deburring/Finishing Specialist
SME Manufacturing C248 – Spokane, Washington

Advisor: Machining/Material Removal Technical Community  |  509.230.6821

Not all burrs are created equal.  Some burrs are heavily rooted and some materials have a measure of plasticity.  These kinds of materials can pose a severe burr removal challenge for conventional mass finishing systems and require use of a high intensity and high energy finishing process such as centrifugal barrel finishing.   SEE    Contrast the burr (edge) and surface condition of the top picture (finished) with that of the picture of the part prior to centrifugal finishing (bottom picture)


ABOVE: After centrifugal isotropic finishing.

5 thoughts on “Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Application – Difficult Burr Removal Conditions

    1. Two steps: 20 minutes with a high density plastic media in, and 20 minutes in a dry polishing cob. It would be very difficult to duplicate this in a vibratory machine. Just not enough force.


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