Application Note: Centrifugal Iso-Finishing for Polishing Larger Tube and Cylinder Interiors [Video]

Contributing Editor:  Dave Davidson, Deburring/Finishing Technologist | 509.230.6821 | |

Davidson vcf card as a graphicIf you have parts that need edge or surface finishing improvement and would like to have FREE sample part processing and a quotation developed for finishing the parts please contact Dave Davidson at    I can also be reached at 509.230.6821

Information about equipment for bringing Centrifugal Iso-Finishing Equipment to your facility is also available…

Modified centrifugal barrel finishing equipment is now being utilized to develop precision micro finishes on the interior of tubes and cavities for demanding applications such as particle accelerators. See the video as an example of one such application:

This breakthrough process utilizes specially modified variants of the equipment and materials discussed in the SME MMR and SME-Spokane video shown below

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, and to make arrangements for free sample processing:

Dave Davidson
SME Manufacturing
Advisor: Machining/Material Removal Technical Community
458 N. Walnut Street
Colville  WA  99114  USA
Phone: 509.230-6821

Further reading:  Internet resources

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY –  David A. Davidson, []

Davidson vcf card as a graphicMr. Davidson is a deburring/surface finishing specialist and consultant.  He has contributed technical articles to Metal Finishing and other technical and trade publications and is the author of the Mass Finishing section in the current Metal Finishing Guidebook and Directory.  He has also written and lectured extensively for the Society  of Manufacturing Engineers, Society of Plastics Engineers, American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Association and the Mass Finishing Job Shops Association.  Mr. Davidson’s specialty is finishing process and finishing product development That minimizes hand-deburring, and develops super-isofinished edges and finishes



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