SME Spokane, WA Chapter 248 – Society of Manufacturing Engineers

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), through its many programs and activities, connects manufacturing practitioners to each other, to the latest
technologies and to the most up-to-date processes spanning all manufacturing industries and disciplines,including the key areas of aerospace and defense,
medical device, motor vehicles/motorsports, oil and gas, and alternative energy.

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SME technical communities and local chapters allow members to connect, interact,
and exchange ideas and information from one peer to another.
• SME’s Technical Community Network connects manufacturing practitioners of
specific technologies to solve technical and business challenges.
• Local chapters help build a member network in your own backyard, meet potential
customers, partners and employers and gain leadership opportunities.
SME’s industry-leading events keep manufacturers connected — to each other
and to the latest manufacturing equipment, production methods and management

• Highlight emerging technologies.
• Connect people who influence purchase
decisions with the people who provide
the technology.

• Present new processes, procedures
and materials.
• Bring together leading industry experts and
provide networking opportunities.
• Present in-depth technical and
process solutions.

• Manufacturing Engineering® magazine:
– The authoritative voice on manufacturing
with a total qualified circulation of more
than 97,000.

– METV — Web-streaming video channel
showcasing “Fundamentals of
Manufacturing Processes.”
– Manufacturing Engineering Yearbooks —
In-depth industry analysis on medical,
aerospace/defense, manufacturing for
energy and motorized vehicle
• Webinars— Led by industry experts on a
variety of technical topics.
• More than 600 books, CDs and DVDs that
expand manufacturing knowledge.
• Two scholarly peer-reviewed journals on
manufacturing systems breakthroughs and
pioneering processes and advances.
• E-newsletters providing timely articles on
lean techniques and quality in manufacturing
• Archive of manufacturing knowledge with
more than 17,000 technical papers.
• Ask the Librarian — Providing access to
extremely detailed or hard-to-locate
manufacturing information.
• SME Daily Executive Briefing — A roundup of
current manufacturing news.

SME provides technical and practical training
for various manufacturing processes and
• SME Certifications — Industry-recognized
programs that document knowledge, skills
and abilities within specific job categories or
manufacturing processes.
• On-Site Training — Customized to one
company or offered as a public course.
• Online Training — “Shop-floor” series with
185 courses and a specialized six-sigma
training and certification program.
SME-EF inspires our youth to pursue careers
in manufacturing and supports students
studying for an engineering-related career
in a global economy.
• Summer Hands-On Programs — Focus on
science, technology, engineering and
mathematics experiences for elementary,
middle and high school students.
• College Scholarships — More than $500,000
available to students in manufacturingrelated
degree programs. (Submission
deadline: Feb. 1)
An interactive Web site where students can
explore manufacturing careers.
The International Awards & Recognition
Program honors the best and brightest for their
outstanding accomplishments.
• International Honor Awards. (Nomination
deadline: August 1)
• Award of Merit. (Nomination deadline:
August 1)
• Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer
Award. (Nomination deadline: August 1)
• SME College of Fellows. (Nomination
deadline: Dec. 1)
• The NAMRI/S.M. Wu Research
Implementation Award.
• Many other technology-specific awards.
SME offers customized corporate packages
that include employee memberships,
certification and training.
A searchable jobs bank specializing in
manufacturing jobs. Priority listing for SME


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